Walmart Grocery Pickup Review

This is my totally non-sponsored review of Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service. Spoiler: I love it!
What It Is
Walmart Grocery Pickup allows you to order groceries and many household items (cleaning supplies, diapers, pet supplies, toilet paper, even makeup!) online then drive to your local Walmart and pick up the items without leaving your car. Most grocery items are available for online ordering (I’ve heard a few are not, but I’ve never tried to order something I couldn’t get) and you can even get a limited selection of office supplies, sports and fitness items, toys, and video games. You can’t order absolutely anything Walmart carries, but over the time I’ve been using the service I’ve noticed them adding more and more items.
If you’ve been interested in trying the service, you can pretty much always get $10 off your first $50 order. Codes vary by season but if you…
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you get $10 (and I get $10 off on my next order.) After you use the service you’ll get your own referral code and you can get $10 any time one of your friends tries the service with your code. (There’s a limit to 20 referrals a year.)
How It Works – Step By Step
  • Go to and sign into your existing Walmart account or create a new one. Enter your zip code and make sure Walmart Grocery Pickup service is available in your area. It’s available now in many major markets and expanding to new markets all the time.
  • Select your items. Search for items by name, or shop by department using the drop down menu. During holidays they add special “departments” which means you can fill your Easter baskets or Halloween candy bowl without walking into the store. After your first order you can go back and select items from your “favorites”. So, if you buy one gallon of 1% milk, a carton of eggs, and a loaf of your favorite bread every week, you don’t have search for those items individually each time. You can just look through your favorites list and quickly add them. Before you check out make sure you have at least $30 worth of items on your order – $30 is the minimum order amount.
  •  Reserve a Pickup time and date and double check that you’ve selected the correct Walmart location (Ever order something for in-store pick up on the other side of town? No one? Uh, yeah, me neither…) Some locations have same day pickup but I don’t think it’s available in all markets. I live in a smaller metro area but if you live in a large one they most likely have it. I can generally order 12 hours in advance at the earliest. Pickup times are in 1 hour intervals. For example, I always choose 9am-10am, meaning I have to arrive any time between 9 and 10 am. Enter your debit or credit card info (you can’t pay with cash on pickup.) If you forget to add an item to your order, you can add additional items until a few hours before your pick up time.
  • Optional: download the Walmart Grocery app. This app is different than the main Walmart app. You can use it to place orders just like online and check in when you’re on your way to pick up an order. 
  • When it’s your appointment time, drive to your Walmart and follow the signs that guide you to the pick up area. Pull into a Pickup parking spot and if you haven’t checked in on the app yet, call the number on the sign and tell them your name.

  • A nice Walmart Grocery Pickup worker will come out with your groceries. They’ll come up to your window, confirm that they have the right person, and if there are any substitutions they’ll let you know and confirm that they’re OK with you. What are substitutions? Sometimes when you go to pick up your order, the store is out of the exact item you wanted. In this situation Walmart always substitutes (aka upgrades) your product but does not charge you extra. For example, if you ordered half a gallon of milk and they’re out, you get a whole gallon at the same price. Or if you order a case of store brand soda and they don’t have it, they’ll give you the name brand equivalent. (These are both examples that have actually happened to me.) I’ve used Grocery Pickup many times now and only had a handful of substitutions, and I’ve always been very pleased with my substitute item.
  • Next they’ll put the groceries in the car (just pop the trunk), ask for your digital signature, and you’re on your way! If it’s your first time using the service you’ll get a little goodie bag with samples. I got a few granola bars, a can of soup, lotion samples, and a few other things.
  • Not long after you leave you’ll get an email with a receipt for your order and the process is done! Simple and easy!
Saving Money
Let’s be real: the biggest reason I shop at Walmart is to save money, and one downside of using Walmart Grocery Pickup is that you can’t use coupons. You also cannot use EBT or WIC and because you don’t leave with a paper receipt you can’t use Ibotta or other similar savings apps. 
Even though I can’t use coupons, I’ve noticed that I consistently spend less on groceries using the pick up service than when I shop inside the store. I save money in a few ways:
  • You can still use Walmart Savings Catcher, even without a paper receipt!  After you pick up your order you’ll get a receipt via email that contains you Walmart Savings Catcher TC#. Manually type the TC# into the app (The Walmart app, NOT the Walmart grocery app) to get your prices matched.

  • Even though you’re ordering online, you still get the same low prices and Rollback deals that you would get when shopping in-store. Plus there is no charge for the Pickup service so you’re not paying any extra fees.
  • Comparing price per pound, ounce, etc. is easier than in the store. Walmart does the math for you!
  • But the #1 way I save money using Pickup service is the simplest way: it’s impossible to buy anything that’s not on on your list! If I go into Walmart I know I’ll be tempted by sale items and yummy looking treats and my 3 year old will be tempted by matchbox cars and checkout aisle candy. If we don’t step foot in the store there’s no temptation!
Overall, I love this service and I’ve been waiting for other stores (cough cough Target) to follow suit! Happy shopping! 

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